Hello, I'm Lina

I grew up in Australia and moved to Scotland with two suitcases and a backpack of camera gear. Scotland is where I feel most at home, and I believe that the natural landscapes here make it one of the most incredible parts of the world to get married in.

I moved into wedding photography after a car accident years ago. In the days following this, it dawned on me how precious and short this life is. I had a lot of time to contemplate what had happened and what I wanted my life to look like. I craved a creative lifestyle, and wedding photography felt like the perfect way to combine my passions for landscapes, travel and human connection.

My approach

Couples travel from all over the UK and the world to get married in the wild and beautiful land of Scotland. I believe that there are no expectations you have to follow for your own wedding. You can plan a day doing what makes you happy, and it doesn't have to look like the weddings you see on social media or anywhere else either - your imagination is the limit.

I understand the intimate setting of an elopement and the importance of making you feel comfortable and documenting the story of the day. I care deeply after the experience each couple has on their day. I bring a calm and relaxed approach and allow you to simply be yourselves. I create honest and meaningful images that capture the essence of your location, your relationship and how your day felt.