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I'm Lina! If you're looking for an honest and documentary approach to your wedding photos, then I'm excited to join you on this path. I'll be based in Scotland from May 2019 - December 2019 and Sydney, Australia from early 2020.

A few kind words


Lina has such an eye for wedding photos and gets beautiful results. She is so unobtrusive, you won't even notice she's there. The result is incredibly intimate shots of us and our guests absolutely relaxed, in love and having a great time! Lina captured the venue, the love, the laughter and the general vibe so well. Her photos are an exact reflection of the way we felt that day. - Emma & Joe


I learnt that Lina had the same values of what we wanted from our wedding - non-traditional, intimate and unique. Lina was a valued part of our experience and we were overjoyed with the result. These photos are pieces of art, capturing the beauty of the location which was so important to us. - Rach & Jed


Lina was exactly the kind of person we could connect with, and shared the belief that a wedding does not need to be some grandiose exercise to be beautiful - it is more about the people and the experience than anything else. - Amy & Ryan


I would say that Lina's images capture the emotions of the day perfectly. I would also say that she was seamless, floating around the day as though she wasn't there. Looking back it amazes me to see where Lina took photos from. I was oblivious to Lina, as was John and many of guests. I think this is how she truly capture those moments. - Sarah & John


Knowing that we loved Lina's style made it exciting to see how she would capture our memories! It also helped with stress, because it felt like all we had to do was let her work her magic. Lina's “fly on the wall” approach created natural shots which ended up giving us the unexpected benefit of the guests point of view. - Elin & Jonathon