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Torridon Wedding Scotland | Christine & Calum

Christine & Calum’s Torridon Wedding in the Scottish Highlands was a day filled with meaning and community spirit. Christine & Calum are two care-free and wild spirits, not afraid to do things differently. The vision for their wedding was to involve the community and create a modern celebration with environmentally conscious decisions.

Christine & Calum assessed each part of the day and questioned whether there was a way of doing it that was better suited to their values. They chose to do a first look before the ceremony and explore some of their favourite locations around Torridon. They walked into their ceremony together, surrounded by the ocean, mountains and the closest people in their lives. They decided on creating a new last name together to symbolise them joining equally. Christine explains some of their approaches below:

“For us it was important that our wedding was personal and showed our strong belief in equality and sustainability. We wanted our families and friends to experience the landscape we cherish to so much in the Highlands of Scotland where we spend our free time in the outdoors. We wanted the day to be relaxed and fun, so no fancy dress codes and a just big ceilidh to get everyone dancing.

⁣For our ceremony we arrived and walked in together as equals in our partnership. It may seem a small thing but it was something very important to us. We also chose our new last name together. We wanted to make our wedding about us and stand up to conventions on tradition that often have patriarchal origins. We chose a name which symbolised us and how we met. Easain is Gaelic for little waterfall, and contains the Gaelic ‘Eas’ which means waterfall. ‘Ain’, is old Norse for river and Scots for own.

⁣We didn’t have a zero-waste wedding but we reduced where we could and I felt like we achieved a good balance. That ethos was extended to our clothes which we already owned or bought second-hand. I didn’t see the need to buy something new for one day.” said Christine.

Dress – Charity Shop // Flowers – Scavenged Locally // Celebrant – Laura Gillespie (Humanist Society Scotland) // Venue – Torridon Community Centre

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