Reasons to elope in 2020/2021

This is a message of encouragement for couples who are currently planning their wedding.

I have met many couples this year who have enquired with something along the lines of this: “We are unsure of our original plans for our big wedding, and we are now thinking of doing something more personal. We want to elope somewhere wild and beautiful in the outdoors.”

Many couples this year have realised that eloping is a special way to get married, and not just the next alternative option. They have realised that a smaller wedding, with less of the extra stuff, is what they always wanted.

Eloping is a way forward in an uncertain world, and in my opinion, it is an incredible experience that allows you to create a day that is so truly you. It removes the stresses that come with planning a big wedding. You can still support incredible local vendors and use the money that would have been spent on a big event towards creating a new and unique experience for just the two of you.

Eloping means that you get to spend the entire day with your partner. You can go anywhere you like and do anything you imagine. Scotland is blessed with picturesque landscapes and incredible places to stay. Imagine waking up surrounded by nature, having an outdoor ceremony and finishing the day in front of a fireplace – no worrying over small and insignificant details. And if you want to, you can celebrate later with friends and family.

There will never be a perfect time to get married. You can choose to invest in a once in a lifetime experience and go somewhere beautiful now. This last part comes from my heart and my passion for small weddings and elopements: elopements are not a compromise – they are personal, heartfelt, adventurous, stress-free and meaningful.

I’ve put together a guide for eloping in Scotland, that includes tips, locations and planning ideas.