• Where are you based?

I’m based in Sydney, Australia

• Are you insured?

Yes! I’m insured for 20 million public liability + all my gear is insured as well. And I always have back-up gear with me on the day.

• Do you back-up your images?

YES! I have multiple back-ups of all my work onsite as well as offsite to ensure all my images are protected.

• Do you use a second shooter?

This completely depends on your preference and the structure of your day. Having a second shooter is a great way to get extra coverage and have even more special moments captured! All my second shooters are highly competent, reliable and are photographers I genuinely enjoy working with (i.e. not bag carriers or someone just taking a bunch of extra photos!). If you’re not planning to to get ready in the same place as your partner, or there are multiple locations to drive to during the day, then I highly recommend having a second shooter. Send me an email for pricing! 🙂

• Will I get the high resolution images? Can I use them how I like?

I believe these memories should be yours to keep and are included upfront in the price. I will never ask to you to purchase a high resolution image or charge you extra. You can print these photos and use them as you like (just not for commercial purposes).

• How long will it take to receive my images?

You will receive your photos around 6-8 weeks after your wedding. All images arrive to you fully edited and in high resolution.

• How do you work on the day? Do you pose us or give us guidance?

I like to have a documentary style approach to my weddings. My aim is to just capture the day as it unfolds, with minimal interference. Imagine me as a friend with a camera, just watching and taking photos as the day goes by.

• Will you give advice on locations for photos?

I always do my research beforehand to find the best location options for your day!