Guardswell Farm Scotland Elopement

This is a story that you can’t help but tell other people about when you hear it.

⁣At the start of 2020, Ellie and Rob just happened to be visiting the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Japan at the same moment, and despite being two strangers, Rob said hello to a girl with red hair looking over her map and checking where to go. After a quick chat, they went their separate ways.

⁣At the next viewpoint, they bumped into each other again and started chatting, and then started walking together, and were soon exchanging life stories. From the minute they met, they didn’t leave each other’s side for 48 wonderful hours. They then had to fly back to their homes – Rob was living in England, and Ellie was living in Australia.

⁣They knew that what they had found was something very special – so they made the long-distance work for 5 months. They Facetimed and Whatsapped every day. Each day they would wake up to daily life updates, limericks and thoughtful messages about how much they missed the other.

⁣They had flights booked to visit each other, but 2020 made that impossible. Ellie decided to leave her life in Australia behind to be with Rob in England, and as she sat in the airport, she felt a calm certainty in knowing that she was making the right decision. As their celebrant Claire said so beautifully during their ceremony, perhaps 2020 did them a favour. They could have gone back and forth between countries, but instead, they fast-tracked their decisions.

⁣And after that moment in time where their paths crossed in Japan, followed by months separated 10,583 miles apart, to being reunited at Heathrow airport, Ellie & Rob then eloped at Guardswell Farm in Scotland. A place where they could have a simple elopement outside in nature, filled with walks, cups of tea and sips of prosecco, free from distractions, and surrounded by incredible Scottish scenery. A day that so perfectly represented their values and story.

Venue – Guardswell Farm // Flowers – Gloam // Celebrant – Claire the Humanist

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