Finland Winter Wedding

Emmi & Antti’s wedding ceremony and reception were held in Tyrnävä, Finland. We were surrounded by lightly dusted trees and a frozen river, and the scent of smoke filled the air as logs of fire burnt around us. Guests were rugged up and embracing the weather, as the snow gently fell down throughout the ceremony. The serenity was broken momentarily as a pair of very loud snow mobiles unintentionally interrupted the formalities, however this only brought on laughter and smiles from everyone.

Later in the night, a few guests came up to ask if I struggled to understand what was going on, with the ceremony and speeches being spoken in Finnish. Although I may not have understood all the words that were spoken, I could feel the emotion the same way everyone else around me could.

Emmi & Antti’s Winter wedding was a beautiful example of what I believe a wedding should be about – creating a day that represents your love for each other and what is truly important to you. I loved the way their day was focused on being with their loved ones, rather than worrying about all of the little details. They weren’t worried about a schedule, they were present throughout the day and enjoyed each moment as it came.

What a beautiful celebration and reminder that it’s not your shoes or flowers that create a memorable celebration, it’s about creating a day that is symbolic of your love and enjoying every moment as it happens. x


This is so good Lina! Great work

Thanks so much Keegan, appreciate it! 🙂

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