Edinburgh Elopement Wedding| Sabrina & Angus

Sabrina & Angus eloped in Edinburgh and are proof that love conquers all. They are an inspiring example of how you can still have a small, stress-free and meaningful wedding, even during a pandemic.

Sabrina & Angus were originally meant to be married in May, but that was postponed once the country went into lockdown. When the government announced that weddings could go ahead again, they held an outdoor ceremony in Dunbar’s close in Edinburgh at the beginning of July, with their closest family members (I wasn’t able to photograph this due to restrictions still being in place).

After their ceremony, we walked around the Royal Mile in Edinburgh to celebrate. It was a unique opportunity to see the Royal Mile so quiet without any crowds – a positive side effect of lockdown! There were just enough people to bring some atmosphere to the city, and of course to yell out congratulations to Sabrina & Angus. We finished with a trip to their favourite ice cream shop, Mary’s Milk Bar.

Sabrina & Angus had to get creative with certain aspects of the day, with hair and makeup salons still closed, but they still aimed to support small businesses in Edinburgh where possible, including their flowers which were from Narcissus, and their cake from the Pastry Section.

One of my favourite images from the day is the final image in this post, where you’ll see Sabrina eating her icecream while she balances her bouquet of flowers, and you can see the reflection of the castle in the shop window, as well as the pandemic related signs on the shopfront.

Weddings in 2020 may be small, but it was beautiful to see Angus & Sabrina embrace that and still create a meaningful experience. I hope these images inspire you and show you that your Plan B (or C, D, E…) can be even more amazing than what you had initially planned. I’m sure that eloping during a pandemic will be a beautiful story for Angus & Sabrina to share in the years to come.

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This wedding is also featured in Scottish Wedding Magazine – click through to read more of their story and how they planned their day. Below is one of my favourite quotes from Sabrina, describing their wedding day:

“There were a lot of things we had to give up to get married during the pandemic: not seeing each other the night and morning before saying I do, having my father walk me down the aisle, plus hair stylists, nail bars, make-up artists, trying on dresses, getting ready with bridesmaids… pretty much all of what you expect from a typical wedding day.

As someone who couldn’t have most of the things she couldn’t imagine her day without, let me tell you: not having something you can’t imagine your day without will not ruin it if you don’t let it.”


[…] Sabrina & Angus spent their day walking around the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, which they did on their early dates and had fond memories of. They finished off their day at one of their favourite ice-cream shops in Edinburgh. […]

[…] have never been to before, I try to work out what might be a meaningful experience for them.    Sabrina & Angus spent their day walking around the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, which they did on their early dates and […]

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