A greener way to shop & eat

Farmers Markets
The majority of our shopping is done at the farmer’s markets. I purchase veggies, fruit, eggs and bread. I prefer to buy organic, and I find the prices of organic produce at the markets are much better than a traditional supermarket, and the freshness can’t be compared.

Produce Bags
Whether you shop at the farmer’s market or a supermarket, you can bring your own reusable shopping and produce bags. They don’t need to be pretty, just functional. Invest in a few bags to keep in the car and next to your front door so you’re never without. I bring my own produce bags (I use these ones from Onya & Biome). They are super light, strong, hold a large amount and are see through. You can wash your fruit/veg while they are still in the bag, store in the fridge and then just give it a rinse when it’s empty. Or, if you’re handy with a needle and thread, you could always make your own!

Bulk Stores
For dry goods, I visit a bulk food store such as Scoop or The Source. Depending on your budget and how much you can afford to stock up on, you can buy a little or a lot. Some examples of items that I buy from these stores includes tea, nuts, quinoa, couscous, pasta, dates, muesli, nut butters, coconut oil, kombucha, dark chocolate, dried fruit and flours. You can bring your own jars/containers/bags to fill up (just ask someone to weigh them at the beginning). Don’t worry about fancy Pinterest jars – just save your jars that you’ve used for milk, yoghurt, oil etc. previously.

Purchase plastic free 
If you need to purchase packaged food, you should try to opt for glass, paper or cardboard where possible. Vote with your money and choose plastic free produce. Give your feedback to companies and give them the opportunity to take your comments on board and change their practices. Bringing your own containers to the deli and butcher is also a great way to purchase items plastic free. If you can’t purchase an item plastic free, perhaps consider learning to make it from scratch. Here’s a simple cashew milk recipe to try out.

Search for zero waste and community groups local to you – whether it’s through social media or a community centre. These are a huge inspiration to me and answer lots of my questions. Recently I have become more conscious about making sure I only follow people and brands that align with my values. Use a trip to the farmers markets as a chance to socialise with friends or family, choose ingredients and cook together. Eat together with friends and family when you can – your loved ones deserve attention, as does the food in front of you. Start with one night a week of enjoying a meal with no screen time and build from there.

Pack your lunch
Cook extra quantities at dinner and use the leftovers to freeze or for a packed lunch the next day. It’s an easy way to reduce your waste and plastic, and save money. Plus, you’ll know exactly what you’re eating and how it was made!

Grow & Share
Grow what you can in your home, even if it’s just a little. You don’t need a backyard or even a balcony, just enjoy the process of learning to grow something from scratch. Share your success with others. I love popping by my Mum’s house to grab some produce from her backyard and share something I’ve baked that week.

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