A cosy weekend in Finland

After leaving a hot Australian Summer and stepping out of Helsinki airport into -20°C, a few people questioned our choice to visit Finland in Winter. For me, the magical Winter atmosphere is unlike anything else. We would explore the streets and when our hands and faces got too cold to be outside, we would warm up inside the nearest shop or cafe, and then carry on.

To visit:

Old Porvoo town – The best thing you can do here is simply walk around the maze of streets and lanes and explore, no matter the season. There are lot’s of gorgeous cafes and small shops to visit while you wander around the vibrant streets, amongst the colourfully painted historic homes and shops, and along the banks of the river.

To eat:

Zum Beispiel – A warm and inviting cafe in the heart of Old Porvoo. You’re welcome to take your own servings of their delicious homemade bread, as well as tea and coffee. The food is comforting and uses seasonal ingredients. The cafe joins onto a beautiful Scandinavian furniture shop as well, which is definitely worth making some time to browse through after a meal.

SicaPelle – A fine dining experience and probably up there with some of the most creative meals I’ve eaten so far. Art on a plate!

Cafe Regatta – A tiny little shed turned cafe where you can roast your marshmallows outside or squeeze up, elbow-to-elbow inside their small seating area inside.

Karoliinan Kestikievari – If you find yourself on the road North, this roadside cafe boasts high quality homemade meals, soups, cakes and traditional pastries. They also make own cheese onsite which you can purchase to take with you.


Your photos are absolutely beautiful. I lived in Helsinki for a year when I was studying and never took any photos as atmospheric as these. I did ADORE Café Regatta though and went quite a lot but it was always the most enjoyable in the snow! Merry Christmas x

Thank you for taking the time to look through! Wow how awesome – I would love to live there for a year! It’s such a beautiful place with such lovely people. 🙂

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