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Family Photography | The Birth of Nixie

The thought of birth photography is something that had only come to my mind very recently. As my career and journey in photography continues, I find myself becoming more intrigued and interested in not just weddings, but other stories and life events that could be documented. Stories that are packed with emotion and honest moments. It only seemed natural that birth photography was the next part of my journey.

I have to say a huge thank you to Gabs and Tim for letting me document this incredible part of their lives, and for allowing me to share it with others. I’m in awe of how strong Gabs was throughout the whole process and how she pushed through some incredibly difficult circumstances. I met up with Gabs, Tim & Nixie a week later to show them the photos and capture a few more images at home. I hope these images give you a glimpse into how amazing human life is. Enjoy x

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