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Rach & Jed | Outback Australian Wedding

How Rach & Jed met..

Rach & Jed first met during a 4WD trip to Cape York. Rach walked past Jed’s car as he was setting up camp, and being a sucker for a VW Amarok, she first noticed his head poking out from behind the ‘Rok and then straight away her eyes turned to his smile. They spent the afternoon together at the top of a waterfall chatting and getting to know each other. The following day, Jed invited Rach to go for a drive to another waterfall, and Rach nervously agreed after making secret rescue plans with her friends (there was no phone reception and she was hopping into a stranger’s car and driving off into remote areas with him!). Luckily, Jed was the ultimate gentleman and kept them both safe. This trip was Rach’s first 4WD experience, so she sat next to Jed trying her hardest to appear calm and relaxed during the difficult parts of the drive. What could have been the perfect story line for a horror movie fortunately turned into a beautiful love story.

The Wedding..

I spent the day before the wedding exploring the beautiful property with Rach & Jed, searching out potential photo locations and admiring the stunning Kimberley landscape we had to work with. On the day of the wedding, we woke early and were greeted with a vibrant sunrise. The ceremony was held at Pigeon hole lookout. Rach & Jed wanted to incorporate their parents in the ceremony by forming a circle and having everyone contribute their own words and advice on life and marriage. We then toured the property until sunset, enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Kimberley, before getting the festivities underway with a candlelit dinner underneath the stars. The final image I captured of the wedding day shows Rach & Jed standing on top of the beloved vehicle that brought them this far on the journey, lit only by the bright moonlight and a starry sky. The following morning we hiked to the Emma Gorge waterfall and arrived without crossing paths with a single other person. As we finished up, a crowd of visitors had reached the waterfall as well and cheered us on as we finished up the shoot. To me, it seemed like the perfect way to finish off our three days together.


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