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A bird's eye view of the Kimberley

A highlight of 2016 for me was this trip to the Kimberley in Western Australia. While the main purpose of the trip was for a wedding (which you can see here), I made sure there were still opportunities to take in the incredible landscapes of the Kimberley region. I was absolutely blown away. The landscape and pure remoteness out here is so unique compared to anything else I’ve experienced. The Kimberley showcases nature in it’s purest and most beautiful form. Here is a set of images from a sunrise helicopter ride on my last day here (thanks again HeliSpirit!). The combination of a downpour of rain that morning and the sun bursting through the clouds created a truly spectacular scene.  Some of these images are also available to purchase in my print shop here. I hope you enjoy them and I would love to hear your thoughts. x


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