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Friends, food and a Fireplace

In November, I spent a weekend away with my good friend Amy and each of our partners. With Amy and I both passionate about eating good food and home cooking, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to enjoy a few days in nature, relax and try some new recipes. I chatted to Martin from the Cooks Co-op which was located down the road from our Airbnb, and he was kind enough to organise a box for us that featured his own olive oil, vinegar and a beautiful selection of locally grown fresh produce, eggs and goats cheese. Not knowing what we would receive until the day we picked up the box, we decided to take on the challenge of using whatever we were given, and being flexible with our meals (Masterchef style!). It was the perfect opportunity to cook with foods we may not normally buy and support local. We tried to collect most of the scraps in a container to take home and compost.

Highlights of the weekend include the delicious local produce collected by Marty, the cosy fireplace, and seeing the boys spend hours washing up, only to find on our departure that there was a dishwasher hiding a cupboard.


This is awesome Lina. I wish I was there =)

Hehe thanks Keegan! 🙂

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